How to download SimpleTAX 1040

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How to download Simple TAX 1040



1. Go to andScroll down and click SimpleTAX 1040

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2. Click Download Center

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3. Enter the password in bold letters or numbers in your Software Release Email.

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4. Click Submit:

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5. Click Download 2020 to download software for tax year 2019.

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Here’s an interactive tutorial



  • Scroll down the page and click on the blue button on the Simple TAX 1040 icon

  • Click the year you want to download (example 2020)

  • Enter the download password that is in the Software Release email you received from Simple TAX Support and click SUBMIT.

NOTE: Password in the Software Release Email looks like this

  • If you do not have the password, please call Simple TAX Support at 281-833-9300 option 2.
  • You will then choose where you want to save the software on your computer and click SAVE. (We recommend you save it to your Desktop.)

  • The software will then download¬†and the Simple TAX 1040 software icon will show on your Desktop.

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