How to run the Fee Payment by Site and Date report

How to run the Fee Payment by Site and Date report


This article provides information on the Fee Payment by Site and Date Report.


This Report provides a list of Returns by Site for which the fees have been paid. Simple Tax 1040 sorts this report by payment date


How to view the Fee Payments by Site and Date Report

To generate the Fee Payment by Site and Date Report, follow these steps:

  • On the Reports menu, point to Fee Payments and then click Fee Payment by Site and Date.

  • In the Sort By list, choose the applicable sort option.

  • In the Group By list, choose the applicable grouping option.

  • In the Minimum and Maximum Payment Date field, type the applicable dates in the MMDD format – for example, for January 1 type 0101.
  • In the Specify Site field, type the applicable site identification number.

  • Click Quick View and then click Print.

An updated amount in the billing schedule does not appear on the invoice in a tax return


 When you update the amount you want to charge for the 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ, the new billing amount does not appear on the Billing and Invoice screen.


 This issue occurs because Simple Tax 1040 requires you to delete the form to update the fee.


Reload the billing scheme (2010 and above) 

  1. Open the applicable tax return.
  2. On the Return menu, click Re-Load Billing.