How to reset your forgotten password in KIS Online

The objective of this article is to walk you through on how to reset your forgotten password.


  • After you attempt to login to your software with the incorrect password you will need to reset it by clicking on FORGOT PASSWORD next to the PASSWORD box.

  • The Resuming Your Password Information screen will appear. Enter the information required i.e. ACCOUNT NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS and click SAVE AND CONTINUE.

  • The PASSWORD INFORMATION screen will appear and you will see your PASSWORD HINT, if the hint helps you remember your password you can click EXIT  and return to the login screen or RESET PASSWORD if you still wish to reset your password.

  • If you click on RESET PASSWORD,  you will be sent an email to the email you entered and you will need to click on the link to reset your password.

  • Now you can login your software with the new password you created.