How to view a list of non-returning customers

How to view a list of non-returning customers


This article demonstrates how to run a report of customers who have not returned to you for tax preparation services during the current tax year.


 To view a list of non-returning customers, follow these steps:

  • On the Utilities menu, click System Utilities.

  • Click System Export.

  • Click Run Utility.

  • In the Export Program box, List of Non-Returning Clients will be already selected, if not select it from the drop box.

  • In the Output File Name box, type the location and name of the file where you want to save the client list. Specify .csv as the file name extension. Example: c:\non_returning_clients.csv

  • Click Run. The software saves the list of customers to the folder file you specified. You can open the file in Microsoft Excel or any program capable of opening .csv files.