How to install the Topaz signature pad

To install the Topaz Electronic Signature Pad, follow these steps:

Important: Do not plug in the Topaz Electronic Signature Pad before following these steps:

  1. Inset the Topaz Systems, Inc disc that was included when with the Topaz Signature Pad into the CD or DVD drive. The installation program should begin automatically. If it does not, right-click your CD or DVD drive and then click AutoPlay.
If you do not have the disc, please click here to download the setup software. You will need to unzip it and then run the setup file.
  • Click on sigplus.exe file.
  • When the SigPlus Installer pop up shows on your screen click YES.
  • On the Welcome screen click NEXT.
  • Click Install SigPlus eSignatures (must be installed first).
  • From the Welcome screen, click Next.
  • On the Read Me File click Next. 
  • On the Choose Destination Location click Next.
  • Select the Two Letters that the Tablet Model begins with and click OK..
  • Select the Tablet Model and click OK.
  • Click the applicable connection type and then click OK. If your Topaz Signature Pad connects to your computer via a USB connection, click HSB.
  • Read the license agreement and then click Agree. Setup installs the signature pad software.
  • On the Ready To Configure Software screen click OK.
  • When the Demo.ocx screen appears, click No and then click OK.
  • When the SigPlus Documentation Directory dialog appears, click OK.
  • On the SigPlus Plug-Ins, Tools and Examples screen click OK.
  • When the installation is complete, click Finish.
  • Plug in the Topaz Signature Pad and Windows installs the necessary drivers.