Workstation Setup for Simple TAX 1040

Workstation Setup for Simple TAX 1040

This article will show you how you can share the software from your Server to your Workstation all through your Network.


  • Open your File Explorer and click Network

  • Select the server name computer and click on it to open
  • Click on the Xlink folder (example xlink20)
  • Scroll down to the bottom and right click on the xlink32 file.

  • Select Send to

  • Select Desktop (create shortcut)

  • The icon will appear on your desktop

  • Right click on the icon and select Rename to name it (example Simple TAX 1040 2020)

  • To change the icon, right click on the icon again and select Properties

  • From the Properties menu click Change Icon...

  • From the Change Icon menu click Browse...

  • The xlink folder will open, click on the icons folder.

  • Select the icon

  • Click OPEN

  • You will be sent back to the Change Icon menu with the new icon you selected, click OK

  • In the Properties menu click APPLY.

How to install desktop to Workstation

The objective of this article is to walk you through on how to install desktop to a workstation.

  • Once you have downloaded the software, run it.
  • The Keep It Simple Setup window will open, and you will click the NEXT button at the bottom of the setup window.

  • Accept the Terms & Conditions and click NEXT.

  • On the Choose Destination Location  it shows you that KIS Desktop will automatically save to the C: Drive, click NEXT.

  • Since you are installing to a workstation in your office, you will select WORKSTATION COMPONENTS, and click the NEXT button at the bottom of the setup window.

  • Once again you will click on the NEXT button at the bottom of the setup window.

  • Now click on the INSTALL button at the bottom of the setup window and let the software install itself onto your workstation.

  • Once it installs to your computer click the button that says FINISH at the bottom of the setup window.

  • You will now see the InstallShield Wizard Window, please click OK.

  • Now look on the main screen of your computer and the Keep It Simple icon will be on there labelled STS2019 (for tax year 2019).
  • Click on the icon to open the software and continue the setup.

  • Stand Alone Computer will already be selected, so make sure you select Network Software instead. Now click on the icon labeled GET SERVER

  • In the SERVER CONFIGURATION enter the name of your Server/Main Computer and check the box that says “Check here if you do not have a Username or Password for Windows” and click OK.

  • Once all categories say SUCCESS, click CLOSE.

  • A new window will appear called the Network Location For Storage, click on tie SAVE button at the bottom of the window.

  • Click on the button at the lower right corner labeled SAVE CONFIGURATION.

  • For customers with returns in the prior year software, if you would like to import them to the current year please select YES and enter your ADMIN ACCOUNT NAME and PASSWORD. If you do not have returns in the prior year or do not wish to import them, please select NO and click the blue button labeled SAVE & CONTINUE at the lower right corner.

  • Answer the question “Do you want to use the account information you have already setup?’ In most cases the account information has already been setup for you via the KIS Online software so please select YES and enter the LOGIN INFORMATION you used to login to the KIS ONLINE software and click on the button at the lower right side labeled DOWNLOAD SITE CONFIGURATION.

  • You have successfully installed the software onto your workstation.