How to add preparer notes to a return

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How to add preparer notes to a return


This article demonstrates how to add preparer notes to a tax return.


Simple Tax 1040 allows you to attach a note to any data fields as you prepare a return.

Notes are generally used to record and track information important for a specific field, and there are no restrictions as to the type of information you can include. You may want to use a note to record the origin of an entry or to explain why you bookmarked a form or entry.

Notes are for your use only, and they do not transmit to the IRS when you file electronically. You cannot attach a single note to an entire form, nor can you attach more than one note to a single field.

To add a note to a return, follow these steps:

  • Click the field where you want to add the note.
  • On the Return menu and click Preparer Notes.

  • Click New.

  • Type the notes you want to add to the return.

  • Click Save.

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