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This article for the tax payer to assist in downloading MyTaxOffice Mobile App.


  • Go to your Google Play App Store or Apple App Store and download MyTaxOffice Mobile App,

  • Once you download the MyTaxOffice Mobile App, click on the icon to open it.

  • For first time users, click SIGN UP.

  • Fill out the information on the Register Information (First Name, Last Name, Social Security Number, Re-enter your SSN, Date of Birth and Firm Passcode (provided by Tax Preparer)) and click NEXT.

  • Create an Account Name, that will be used to login to the MyTaxOffice Mobile App. and create a Password and Confirm Password, enter a Password Hint in case you forget your password and then enter the Firm Passcode and click SIGN UP.

  • You will see the Welcome screen and it will show the name of the Preparer, Click Continue.

  • Finish filing out the Primary Information and click SAVE.

  • Enter the Address and click SAVE.

  • Enter Email Address, Day Time PH Number, Another Contact Number and Routing and Account Number (If they are doing a direct deposit for refund purposes.). Click SAVE.

  • Click Continue on the Features screen.

  • Now you are able to Upload documents, Sign the return, send a Message to the preparer, View Forms, and more.

  • All information entered it will be send automatically to the tax preparer.



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