How to run the Check(s) Ready Report

How to run the Check(s) Ready Report


This article provides information on the Check(s) Ready Report.


This Report provides a list of clients whose checks are ready for printing. It allows you to sort and group the clients by different criteria and includes the client’s home phone number. This Report is a useful tool to use in tandem with check distribution.


How to view the Check(s) Ready Report

To generate the Check(s) Ready Report, follow these steps:

  • On the Reports menu, point to Status Reports and then click Check(s) Ready.

  • In the Sort By list, choose the applicable sort option.

  • In the Group By list, choose the applicable grouping option.

  • Click Quick View and then click Print.


Report Fields

The following information is displayed on the Rejected Returns Report:

Report Field



Social Security Number

Last Name

Taxpayer Last Name

First Name

Taxpayer First Name

Home Phone

Taxpayers Home Phone Number


Electronic Filing Identification Number


Receipt Number


Reporting Options

You may use the following report options when generating the Check(s) Ready Report.


Sorting Options

You can sort the Check(s) Ready Report by the following fields:

  • Taxpayer SSN
  • Taxpayer Last Name
  • Receipt Number
  • Preparer EFIN
  • Preparer Site


Grouping Options

You can group information in the Check(s) Ready Report by the following:

  • Site
  • EFIN
  • Preparer