The laser printing package has not been installed in this version of SimpleTAX1040

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Error Message “The laser printing package has not been installed in this version of SimpleTAX 1040. If this is a new installation, you will need to apply a printing update in order to activate this function” when printing a tax return

 If you’re receiving this error message before the start of electronic filing, it’s because the laser printing package is not available for customers to download and install. The laser printing package is made available once SimpleTAX receives Forms Approval from the IRS. We usually do not have the approval to release form printing until January.

 Update SimpleTAX 1040

  • From the Work In Progress (WIP) verify that there are updates pending by looking at the number on the Software Updates line.

  • If there are no updates, please transmit to pick up pending update files to be installed.


  • If there are updates, click Software Updates, click Software Updates then click apply all.


  • Once the updates have completed, click restart.
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