Uploading documents to Document Manager in KIS Desktop

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Uploading documents to Document Manager

  • Login to KIS Desktop.

  • Click on the Clients icon and open the return to which you want to add the document to.

  • From the return main screen select the DM Docs icon at the top far right.

  • Click on the blue button labeled Add.

  • On the Document Description box you can add the type of document you are adding; ex. License, SSN card, etc.

  • Under Scanner Model select MCD if you are using a scanner to scan this document to upload or select HD Camera if you are using a camera to take a picture of the document, and click on the blue button SCAN.

  • If you have the document saved in your computer/Laptop, click on the blue button BROWSE in the Path/Filename for Document.

  • Select the document you wish to upload and then click OPEN.

  • Under Document Type, you can select from 3 types of files, JPEG, PNG, or PDF.

  • On Type of Document you can select from Identification, Income or Other.

  • Click Save Document, and you’re done.

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