How to reprint a check on KIS Desktop

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The objective of this article is to walk you through the process of re-printing a customer’s check.

NOTE: You MUST have the check in hand that needs to be reprinted.

  • Click on the KIS Desktop icon and login to the software.

  • Click on the SETUP Tab on the top right corner.

  • Click on the 5th icon on the left-hand side labeled CHECK PRINT.

  • Click on the link labeled PRINTED CHECKS on the top left corner of the software.

  • Under SEARCH OPTION you can select from the several options to view checks that have been printed and are ready to re-print.

  • Select the check you would like to re-print by clicking on the name of the client’s check.

  • Click on the button at the lower right corner labeled VIEW MORE DETAILS.

  • From the PRINTED CHECK DETAILS window click on the button at the bottom labeled VOID THIS PRINT.

  • Enter a brief reason why you have voided the check and are re-printing the check.


  • Click on the SAVE and CLOSE button.

  • This will void the check number on your check register and the check will be available to print on the AUTHORIZED CHECK list.

  • Follow the Check Printing instructions to print the check again..

We recommend you print checks individually and not all at once.

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