How to run the IRS ACK Counts report

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How to run the IRS ACK Counts report


This article provides information on the IRS ACK Counts Report.



This Report provides a list of all federal returns acknowledged within a date range you specify.


How to view the IRS ACK Counts Report

To generate the IRS ACK Counts Report, follow these steps:

  • On the Reports menu, point to IRS ACKs and then click IRS ACKs Counts.

  • In the Sort By list, choose the applicable sort option.

  • In the Group By list, choose the applicable grouping option.

  • In the Starting and Ending ACK Date fields, type the applicable dates in the MMDD format – for example, for January 1 type 0101.

  • Click Quick View and then click Print.


Report Fields

The following information is displayed on the IRS ACK Counts Report:


Report Field



The Site ID that created the tax return


The electronic filing identification number assigned to the tax return.

Preps Code

The shortcut ID of the preparer that prepared the tax return.


The date the preparer created the tax return.


The date a user last modified the tax return.


Reporting Options

You can use the following report options when generating the IRS ACK Counts Report.


Sorting Options

You can sort the IRS ACK Counts Report by the following fields:

  • Site ID
  • EFIN
  • Preparer ID
  • Creation Date


Grouping Options

You can group information in the IRS ACK Counts Report by the following:

  • Site
  • EFIN
  • Preparer
  • Creation
  • Modified
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