Retrieving a Return from MyTaxOffice Mobile App in KIS Online

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Retrieving a Return from MyTaxOffice Mobile App


  • Once your customer has created a new return through the MyTaxOffice Mobile App, you can log in to your KIS Online

  • You will get a pop-up message saying “New Returns are created from MyTaxOffice App.” Clock View Return(s) to see the returns.

  • Click on the Primary Name to open the return.

  • You will be directed to the Manage MyTaxOffice App Return

  • From the Manage MyTaxOffice App Return screen you can View and Send Messages to the taxpayer, Request Documents, Request Signatures, and Request Review for the taxpayer to review the return.

  • To manage the return, you will click on the Manage icon at the left right corner.

  • It will direct you to the Client Manager for that return where you can click the Edit icon to edit the return.

  • Make any necessary edits on the return and click the Save button at the bottom and then click Complete to mark the return Complete and return the Client Manager.


  • To go to the Manage MyTaxOffice App Return screen, click at the icon on the top right labeled My TaxOffice.

  • If your return is completed, you can now send the Request Review and Request Signature, so that the taxpayer can review the return and sign it through their MyTaxOffice Mobile App.

  • Once your clients review and sign the return you will be able to Transmit the return to the IRS.



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